How to Choose the Right Watch

Choosing A Watch Las Vegas

Shopping for a Luxury Watch in Las Vegas?

Are you seeking luxury watches for sale in Las Vegas? Berger & Son’s location right on the Strip makes it easy to shop while you’re vacationing here. How do you choose the right watch? It all comes down to the quality and appearance you want from your new timepiece.

Choose a High-Quality Watch

The first thing to realize is cheap knockoffs aren’t worth the low price. They may look great on the display shelf, but after a short time, you will find yourself regretting your decision.

Cheap watches tend to struggle with keeping accurate time and have a short battery life. The inner workings jiggle and make a cheap clinking sound when you shake your wrist. Easily scratched faces, flimsy bands and other cheap components wear out quickly and force you to purchase a replacement before long…

Luxury watches for sale in Las Vegas from Berger & Son stand the test of time. With beautiful designs, quality materials and impeccable workmanship, brand name timepieces are well worth the investment.

Choose a Watch for Its Appearance

Once you recognize the merits of high-quality watches, choose the right one based on your lifestyle and wardrobe. Determine whether you live a sporty, casual, business casual or formal lifestyle to help you decide what style of watch to buy.

  • Sporty watch: A large, digital face and rubber, woven or leather straps are sporty watch attributes. They tend to come in a variety of colors and feature waterproof faces. Stopwatch capabilities, depth measuring and other features are also common.
  • Casual watch: Thick, bulky metal or leather straps are most often found on casual watches. Their dials are complicated and beautiful to look at.
  • Business casual watch: Slightly more formal than the typical casual watch, these timepieces tend to have slim, glossy leather bands and round or square faces.
  • Formal watch: A sleek and simple face, Roman numeral or stick indicators, glossy leather strap, and use of precious stones or metals set formal watches apart from the rest.

In the end, you may realize you need two or three timepieces to appropriately match certain occasions. If you’re not sure which watch to wear for a certain event, assess the shoes you’re wearing and choose a watch to match.

Buy Your Watch from a Retailer

Browsing timepieces online is a great way to begin your search for the perfect watch, but it’s best to wait and buy the watch in person. Here’s why:

  • A watch purchased from a retailer comes with a warranty.
  • Choose from a wider selection when you visit a local retailer with one-of-a-kind watches.
  • Have the band fitted before you leave the store.
  • Avoid the chance of having your watch lost in the mail.
  • Try on various watches to get a feel for the one you like best.

Stop by Berger & Son at Fashion Show Mall to find luxury watches for sale in Las Vegas. Call (702) 737-7118 to ask about our current selection.