The Horrors of Buying Jewelry Online

It looked spectacular online, as it should when you consider that even novices can transform a dull stone into a brilliant one with the aid of Photoshop.

Your first tip-off that something was truly wrong with the diamond package that arrived in the mail was the phony looking “certificate of authenticity,” which looked like it could benefit from a few Photoshop tweaks itself.

Hoping your worst fears were wrong, you took what you thought was a 2-carat diamond to a reputable jeweler in town to be appraised. But the look in his eyes said it all: Your new “diamond” was actually a cheap imitation, equipping you to write the latest chapter in the horrors of buying jewelry online.

Shop smart for custom jewelry in Las Vegas

Naturally, you’re not feeling like the sharpest person in the world right now. But you didn’t necessarily err by turning to the Internet as you began to shop for custom jewelry in Las Vegas.

Few people can resist the temptation to “see what’s out there” and browse online to get a general idea of what they like – as well as what they don’t. The mistake was not inspecting the diamond in person at a trusted, established jewelry store, subjecting it to the all-important “4Cs” of a diamond’s integrity – color, clarity, cut and carat – and then purchasing the diamond from that reputable diamond expert.

Heed the advice of consumer watchdogs

Look no further than the Better Business Bureau for proof. The BBB fields hundreds of complaints every year from consumers who have submitted horror stories about their online jewelry purchases. Their cumulative experience has led the BBB to formulate its No. 1 tip for online jewelry shoppers:

The Federal Trade Commission echoes this advice with the following warning:

Spare yourself other horrors of buying jewelry online

Being led astray can be a difficult and potentially expensive lesson to learn. But look at it this way: If you resolve never to make this mistake again, and purchase your next diamond from a reputable store, you will spare yourself other horrors of buying jewelry online. The stories include those from people who:

  • Received a ring bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the one they ordered online.
  • Received a ring that was defective or improperly sized.
  • Received nothing more than an empty box in the mail –then found themselves in a face-off with the seller to prove it.
  • Were informed the “money-back guarantee” provides for only an exchange, but not before paying a hefty restocking fee.
  • Could not return a ring because the seller provided a phony international address.

When you shop for custom jewelry in Las Vegas at Berger & Son, you do more than spare yourself from starring in a horror story; you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you made your selection and purchase at the premier jewelry store in Las Vegas. Berger & Son offers important post-purchase services such as sizing, tightening, cleaning and upgrading – leading to what might rightly be called “the fifth C” in diamond shopping: confidence.