How to Spot a Luxury Knock-Off Watch

Picture this: You spot a few beautiful luxury timepieces in Las Vegas, you splurge and purchase one of these watches, and later find out it’s a knock-off. Not only does it feel terrible to have been taken advantage of, you now have a watch that isn’t worth anything. If you’re looking for luxury timepieces in Las Vegas, make note of the following tips on how to spot a knock off luxury watch and prevent this scenario from happening to you.

Do Your Research

It’s important to research brands and models of watches that are of interest to you. Learn everything you can about them; from the way they look, to the weight, sound, and feel. Use the internet to conduct your research, but also look at the records of well-known and respected auction houses, like Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, and Heritage Auctions. Checking their databases of auction results can assist you in finding past watch models, which can help you learn all about them.

Know Important Factors

There are certain factors you should be aware of when purchasing a luxury watch to ensure it is not counterfeit.

  • Movement

    Counterfeit watches will never move as efficiently as the real thing.

  • Sound

    Luxury watches generally have particularly smooth movements. This means you shouldn’t hear any ticking.

  • Material

    If a watch is counterfeit, the color, finish, and material may be a bit off from an original.

  • Engravings / Type Faces

    Look for the size and detail of engravings. The engravings on luxury watches tend to be more distinct and sharp. Counterfeit watches may also have spelling errors engraved on them.

  • Weight

    Counterfeit watches tend to weigh less than luxury watches.

Be Wary of Cheap Prices

An authentic luxury watch should not be sold at half of its original price. If someone is offering a $75,000 watch for $38,000, it’s a huge red flag and likely counterfeit.

Avoid Being Pressured

When purchasing a luxury watch, you shouldn’t feel pressured by the seller. A seller trying to make a quick sale is another red flag the watch may be counterfeit.


Luxury watches should come with paperwork certifying their authenticity.

Buy In-Store

When buying luxury timepieces in Las Vegas, make sure to buy from a reputable dealer. Buying on-line or from someone on the street increases your chances of purchasing a counterfeit piece. Purchasing a luxury watch from a reputable in-store dealer is your best and safest bet.

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