Steps To Choosing the Right Diamond

Choosing the right diamond

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous engagement ring to wow your significant other or would like to buy some Las Vegas custom jewelry for yourself, you may be overwhelmed by the different choices.

The following steps will help you choose the right diamond that will be appreciated for years to come:

  1. Choose the cut you like

    You’ve probably heard of the 4 C’s of diamonds, and the first of these is cut. The cut determines a diamond’s shape and helps add to its sparkle and beauty. It’s the first element you should consider when buying custom jewelry in Las Vegas. A diamond’s cut can be graded from excellent to poor. Cuts expose tiny facets, and the cleaner and sharper these are cut, the more they’ll sparkle and the bigger the diamond will appear.

    The cut also determines the shape of a diamond. The classic round diamond is always popular, but many people also prefer shapes including:

    • Square (Cushion)
    • Rectangular (Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Asscher)
    • Heart-shaped
    • Pear-shaped
    • Oval
    • Marquise


  2. Select the color

    A decrease in color can increase the value of a diamond. Most diamonds have small amounts of yellow or brown tints. The clearer it is, the more it will reflect light. The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) rates diamonds on a scale that starts with D to indicate a completely colorless diamond. These stones are extremely rare and valuable. The scale goes through the alphabet and concludes with Z, which indicates a diamond has very noticeable color.

    Some diamonds also have impurities that cause coloration, such as pink or blue. Depending on your preferences, these diamonds can also be highly desirable.

  3. Examine its clarity

    Clarity defines the degree of imperfection or the size and number of impurities in a diamond. Many imperfections aren’t visible to the naked eye. For this reason, clarity is often considered the least important of the 4 C’s. Visible defects, however, can greatly reduce a diamond’s value and mar its appearance.

    Diamonds are graded according to their clarity, but the most important consideration is the way it looks to your unaided eyes. Those graded as SI (slightly included) are often a good value because their imperfections are only visible through a microscope.

  4. Choose the number of carats you want

    Diamonds are measured in carats, which indicates their weight. One carat equals 1/5 of a gram. Carats are often described in ¼ increments, and you can choose a diamond less than a carat in size, all the way up to several carats.

    Price generally increases in size, although other considerations, such as clarity, also affect the price. A very large diamond, such as two carats, is rare and thus will cost more than two one-carat diamonds.

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