Loose Diamonds in Las Vegas

Loose Diamonds

When you’re shopping for loose diamonds in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place – if not the only place – in town. Berger & Son not only offers the widest selection of loose diamonds in Las Vegas, but also will help you embed them to craft a distinctive, custom piece you will prize for a lifetime. Consider a:

  • Ring, either one you want to create completely on your own or one you already own and wish to embellish. Enhancing a ring with extra diamonds can transform it into a piece with an entirely new presence.
  • Bracelet, either in the form of a delicate chain or a heavier bangle. If “repurposing” an older bracelet appeals to you, consider embedding diamonds in a charm bracelet to create a new heirloom.
  • Necklace and matching earrings, which hold unlimited possibilities, depending on how many loose diamonds you choose. But don’t overlook the simple elegance of a small diamond captured in a minimalist bezel setting and anchored by a graceful chain.
  • Pin, a newly fashionable choice – and also a unisex one considering a pin can add instant style and personality to everything from blouses, shirts and sweaters to blazers, coats and even denim jackets.

Go to Berger & Son for Loose Diamonds in Las Vegas

So go ahead and hold those loose diamonds in your hand. As brilliant as they are, they will not compare to how brilliant you’ll feel when you unleash your creative instincts with the custom designers at Berger & Son. Stop by their new location in Fashion Show Mall to see the best selection of loose diamonds in Las Vegas today.