How To Choose A Man’s Wedding Ring When Shopping for Jewelry in Las Vegas

Thinking about jewelry for sale in Las Vegas may conjure up visions of stunning pear-shaped diamonds and delicate gold bands but when it comes to wedding jewelry, it’s not just women who are getting stylish and sleek jewelry. Men’s wedding bands are no longer an afterthought, meant only to match the bride’s band. In fact, many men choose their wedding ring to match their distinct style and sensibilities. Use this guide to find the perfect men’s wedding ring when shopping for jewelry in Las Vegas.


While wedding bands are ultimately an aesthetic choice, they also need to be practical. Men who work primarily with their hands have a different need, both for safety and comfort, than those who spend their day at a desk. Taking daily work into consideration can help brides and grooms choose a wedding band that meets those needs. For many men who work with equipment, tungsten is a popular choice for their wedding band because of its scratch-resistant properties and ability to shatter under direct impact rather than bend. Tungsten rings are a budget-friendly choice for those who are concerned with comfort but may be drab for those who value style. Titanium wedding rings offer the same comfort as tungsten with more of the traditional wedding ring look.

Men's Wedding Ring


While the traditional metal band still has its place, more grooms are choosing wedding bands based on their personal style. Grooms who value fashion have been flocking towards diamond wedding rings integrating solid design with the stunning luster of diamonds. For less flashy grooms, two-tone wedding bands that fuse two types of metals into a single ring offer a unique way to present a subdued but sophisticated style. Some two-toned rings even go a step farther by using the two metals to create braided or woven designs bringing texture into the band. Choosing a ring that not only meets the groom’s expectations for wear but also style is essential when shopping for wedding rings in Las Vegas.


Jewelry requires upkeep and maintenance can be a hassle for some men. When it comes to picking out the perfect band, don’t forget to think about how you’ll keep it looking brand new. Some metals naturally require little maintenance such as tungsten, titanium, or palladium. These options don’t fade, scratch, or discolor as easily as traditional metals. Traditional metals like silver and gold require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them shining like new. Silver bands often require a simple cleaning regularly while gold may need to be re-plated.

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