Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Jewelry Online

Online shopping might be advantageous for people in pursuit of such innocuous, uncomplicated items such as tablecloths, children’s toys and common household products they’ve probably seen hundreds of times before. If you’re shopping for custom jewelry in Las Vegas, there’s no substitute for visiting a premier diamond seller so that you can personally inspect your choices up-close and compare them side by side in what even the Internet touts as “real time.”

Assess custom jewelry in Las Vegas in “real time”

Purchasing a diamond might be described as a “precision purchase,” guided by what the industry refers to as “the four Cs”: color, clarity, cut and carat. These standards allow you to learn about the intrinsic qualities of a diamond – not just be dazzled by how it appears to glitter on a potentially doctored website page.

The four Cs were created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1953 with two goals in mind: to create a universal language to communicate about diamonds and to guide consumers to a more educated purchase.

Scrutinize the four Cs

In 1953, the explosive growth of the Internet was still about 50 years in the future, but it’s extremely doubtful that the GIA created the four Cs with anything less than a careful and studied personal inspection in mind. Put the criteria under a microscope before you shop for custom jewelry in Las Vegas and consider that:

  • Color actually refers to a diamond’s lack of color. The most pristine diamonds – as chemically pure as they’re structurally perfect – possess no hue while “gem quality” diamonds can range from light yellow to light brown. GIA’s color grading system, which begins with the letter D and ends with Z, measures a diamond’s color quality, which affects a diamond’s price. Consumers should never attempt to conduct this crucial measurement through the “veil” of a computer screen.
  • Clarity refers to a diamond’s “absence of inclusions and blemishes.” It is a rare diamond that doesn’t feature some embedded blemishes from the heat and pressure it is exposed to before it is extracted from the earth. The more pure the diamond, the higher its value. The GIA has established a six-point scale to assess a diamond’s clarity under “10x magnification” – another measurement that cannot possibly be taken online.
  • Cut refers to how a diamond interacts with light – not, as some people might assume, its shape. The most brilliant diamonds score high on three measures: brightness, fire – the scattering of white light – and scintillation, or sparkle. Of the four Cs, cut most influences a diamond’s beauty and value. It also is the most complex to analyze, which is why it should never be attempted in an online forum.
  • Carat refers to a diamond’s weight; 1 carat is equal 200 milligrams. Generally, a diamond’s weight translates to a higher value, but not to the exclusion of its color, clarity and cut. So while carat weight is the most objective of the four Cs, it also cannot be accurately assessed online.

Like many diamond shoppers, you might not be able to resist taking a peek online when you’re shopping for custom jewelry in Las Vegas. When you want to subject a diamond to the four Cs, place your trust in the diamond experts at Berger & Son and their new store in the Fashion Show Mall. Their unparalleled attention to detail will imbue you with their diamond expertise.