What Wearing a Watch Says About You

Wearing Watch

A watch is one of the few pieces of jewelry you can own that’s as functional as it is fashionable. Every timepiece says a little bit about the person wearing it, and there are plenty of stories to be told with a seemingly limitless availability of brands and styles.

At Berger & Son, our custom jewelry in Las Vegas is meant to tell amazing tales about each person who dons our pieces. Watches in particular, always have interesting stories to unwind.

Wondering what your watch says about you?

  • You Value Punctuality. Time is money, and you understand that. You keep the value of the dollar near your fingertips so you know exactly what time it is, where you need to be and who should be meeting with you next. Phones aren’t always conveniently located, and every moment you spend fishing for your phone costs you a few more seconds when you could have been a bit more efficient.
  • You’re Discreet. A quick glance of your wrist is your preferred way to keep tabs on time. You don’t want to draw attention to your time-sensitive agenda by pulling out your phone. Rather, you prefer to respect those with whom you’re meeting by having the ability to discreetly see what time it is without interrupting others.
  • You Appreciate Style. Watches can be understated or incredibly elaborate. You may have a single watch you wear all the time, or perhaps your collection of timepieces allows you to choose a different watch every day. In any case, there’s a certain style you exude when you adorn your wrist with your favorite watch.
  • You Value Craftsmanship. Luxury watches are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. Today’s top watch brands encompass ingenuity and art at levels which cannot be achieved by any other accessory. Divine complexity goes into the creation of every high-quality timepiece, and you’re not afraid to show how much you appreciate great craftsmanship by showcasing your selection on your wrist.
  • You’re Forward-Thinking. You understand beautiful jewelry is an investment meant to last beyond a lifetime. What’s here today is meant to be here tomorrow, and well-made jewelry can be handed down for many generations to come. You want to leave a legacy that defines your charisma, success, and brilliance in a manner worn on special occasions or in everyday life.

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