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3 Things to Ask When Buying Custom Jewelry in Las Vegas

Custom Jewelry

When you want to wear something special or give a gift that shows someone how unique and amazing they are, a piece of jewelry can be a great choice. Choosing a custom piece of jewelry elevates the moment even more. The key to buying custom jewelry in Las Vegas is knowing what to ask before you buy so you purchase a quality item that will last for generations.

To help you buy the best custom jewelry in Las Vegas, consider these 3 questions

  1. What Is factored into the cost? When you’re purchasing custom jewelry in Las Vegas, it’s important to remember you’re purchasing a fine piece of jewelry that can’t be bought from the shelves of any store. Your item is unique, which means its price tag may be higher than you expect. Just like any other custom made item, labor, design, and creation factor into the total bill. While the final cost will be worth it, assess your budget against the total cost of the creation before you begin.

    A reputable jeweler will be able to break down the elements of your design up front so you know what kind of price you’re looking at. At this point, you will be able to swap stones, exchange metals, and maneuver around your initial design if it doesn’t fit within your budget. Expert jewelers will have exchangeable ideas on hand.

  2. Does the jeweler have experience and a great reputation? Anyone can offer you custom jewelry, but if they don’t have the experience, you are likely to pay for something you won’t be happy with in the end. Before you buy, check out the store’s reputation online to learn about the experiences others have had. Keep in mind opinions are subjective, but a great jeweler will have positive reviews outlining customers’ experiences.

    Experience is a vital part of the quality jewelry equation. Ask to see examples of the jeweler’s work that showcase their designs. When you choose an experienced jeweler, you’re working with people who make their living by understanding the quality of the product and incorporating your needs into the final product.

  3. Does the Jeweler Listen to You? Does he or she cut you off mid-sentence or do they take the time to understand what you’re looking for? Do they overwhelm you with choices without helping you narrow them down? A custom piece is a collaboration between you and the jeweler so you need to be comfortable with who you’re working with.

    If you don’t have a good rapport, you may feel unable to voice your opinion and you could end up with a piece that isn’t what you ultimately wanted. Choose someone who listens to your concerns, keeps your budget in mind, and helps you design a piece you will treasure forever.

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