Las Vegas Wedding Rings

Las Vegas Wedding Rings

Of all the jewelry for wear, the wedding ring is one of the most important. They’ll be wearing it every day hopefully for the rest of their lives. For something so important, it’s vital when shopping for the ring, you get it right. Many weddings take place in Las Vegas and whether you live in the area or not, if this is the place you’ll be purchasing the wedding ring, there are a few things you need to know no one has ever told you about when shopping for a ring.

  1. Where to Shop

    The quality and reputation of the jeweler are important factors to consider. When buying any jewelry, you should be searching for a jeweler you can trust with quality products. This especially becomes true when shopping for Las Vegas wedding rings. With so many weddings taking place in the city, there are many jewelry stores available, but not all offer the same standard of quality.

  2. Importance of Quality

    The cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamond are most important to know about when shopping for a wedding ring. Not all diamonds are created equal and you want to be sure you get a quality product. A little research goes a long way to let the jeweler know you’re there to make an informed decision, whether they disclose all necessary elements of their diamonds or not.

    Of equal importance to the diamond, is overall ring quality. Some rings, like white gold, are cut with other metals. It is often plated with other metals such as nickel which can cause allergic reactions. The ring may not be real gold if you don’t ensure you’re conducting business with a quality jewelry store and you could end up with a cheap product that doesn’t stand the test of time. Look for markings inside the ring that let you know you’re getting a quality product the manufacturer stands behind.

    Many people love white gold, but additional metals are used to get the coloring. These require re-plating every few years, which although the initial purchase is less expensive, in the long run you’ll end up spending more to keep the ring in pristine condition. Work with your jeweler to determine the right metal to get within your budget.

  3. Ring Size
    Water retention is affected by heating and cooling. Your finger will have different sizes depending on where you are and what time of year it is. In Las Vegas, the cold may not be as much of an issue, but there are certain times it’s best not to pick a ring size, such as:

    • Morning time – salt retention
    • After strenuous activity
    • When you’re over-heated or cold

Once you start shopping for Las Vegas wedding rings, you’ll want to find the ring that is perfect and will elicit a memorable smile from your future wife and awe from friends and family. While it may not be the walk in the park you thought, shopping for a wedding ring armed with practical information on what to look for will make it far easier to handle. Call us at 702-737-7118 to make an appointment or stop by our store in Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Boulevard.